WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
Control elements on the handlebars
Control elements on the handlebars
Option: Double rechargeable battery
Option: Double rechargeable battery
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
WHEEL-E with Triride drive system
Adapting and removing the central adapter from the wheelchair, example: SPEEDY 4all Ergo
Adapting the WHEEL-E traction device to the SPEEDY 4all Ergo wheelchair


  • The WHEEL-E traction device enables easy and independent travel in your own wheelchair. Be it pavements, forest trails or paths through a meadow, up or down hills: The powerful Triride drive system pulls the wheelchair and its user without requiring any muscle power. 

    While moving, users push the cruise control button to maintain the current speed without having to constantly control the speed using the accelerator lever and brake.

    The 504 Wh rechargeable battery provides a range of up to 45 km. Choosing the double battery increases the range to up to 90 km. Powerful, high-quality brakes from the bicycle sector ensure accurate braking and a safe journey.

    The low battery position results in a low centre of gravity, providing optimum weight distribution and traction as well as good handing characteristics. The WHEEL-E is directionally stable thanks to the implemented caster steering geometry.

    The WHEEL-E can also be used on rough terrain with its 20'' wheel and beefy tyres. A wide range of accessories such as mudguards, luggage racks and rear view mirrors as well as accessories for functionally impaired users allow the WHEEL-E to be tailored optimally for the user. 

Powerful Triride hub drive

The powerful Triride can cope with climbs of up to 15%. The drive system offers 5 support levels for forward travel and one reverse gear that makes manoeuvring easy. 

It is controlled by a driving signal transmitter and a display on the handlebars.

Maximum speeds of 6 km/h, 15 km/h, and 24 km/h can be selected

In the basic version, the drive system has one programmed maximum speed. The standard speed is 6 km/h

Optionally, a second, higher speed of 15 km/h (without an individual permit) or 24 km/h can be selected. Note: At this speed, the WHEEL-E can only be used in road traffic in some countries, and otherwise only on private property. 

Double the range with the double battery

Users who enjoy longer trips can add an optional double battery for twice the range. This increases the range to up to 90 km. The double batteries are combined with a change-over plug connection with a magnetic connector, making it easy for you to change batteries. 

Recuperation for added range

A special feature of the Triride hub motor is the ability to charge the battery via recuperation when travelling downhill or braking. On downhill sections, you can activate recuperation (feeding energy back into the rechargeable battery) by using the cruise control feature or the brake lever with the braking sensor and/or recuperation function. This is not only environmentally friendly, it also increases the range, especially on longer tours. Depending on the topography and speed profile, recuperation can extend the rechargeable battery range by up to 10%. At the same time, in this mode, the motor provides braking support and reduces wear on the brake pads.

Sturdy adaptation

Connects via a central adapter (fastened onto the axle or cross-tube under the seat surface or onto the folding mechanism) or front adapter (fastened onto the front frame tubes). The adapters are easily adapted to or removed from the wheelchair. When they are removed, the added weight on the wheelchair is minimal, and there are no restrictions to the functionality of the wheelchair (e.g. folding mechanism). The adapter can be used for all PRO ACTIV adaptive bikes, traction devices and steering attachments with the same wheel size: ONE adapter for MANY combinations.

Simple handling when connecting and disconnecting with parking stand

The parking stand makes connecting and disconnecting easier, as it holds the traction device at the height required for adaptation. The parking stand also allows the traction device to be parked safely when disconnected. The parking stand can be folded up against the product with one step when travelling. 

Effective brakes

The high-quality, reliable disk brakes slow you down as required and let you brake with pinpoint precision for first-class control. They are operated from the handle. 

Optimum adjustment to the user’s requirements and capabilities

The steering column is available in different lengths and can be adjusted in both angle and height. This allows the optimal steering position to be found for every user. The adapter can also be adjusted in angle, height and length. 

Simple transport

WHEEL-E boasts a small pack size. The rechargeable batteries can be removed and the parking stand can be folded away to save space. With a total weight starting at 18 kg and loading weights starting at just 14.7 kg (without rechargeable batteries), the WHEEL-E is ideal for loading. 

Wide range of optional extras and accessories

Users with functional impairments can choose optional features like different adaptation aids and Tetra controls for brakes and gas. 

Drive type: Via drive system (traction device only)
Special features: Traction device only, with powerful drive system
Total weight without adapter: Starting at 14.7 kg (without rechargeable battery)
Central adapter weight: Starting at 2.8 kg for rigid-frame wheelchairs; starting at 3.6 kg for folding frame wheelchairs
Front adapter weight: Starting at 3.6 kg
Max. standard load weight: Up to 150 kg trailer load and 10 kg load capacity
Max. load weight for Heavy Duty: 150 kg included as standard. In individual cases, optional extras can be added to gain approval for higher load weights. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis by PRO ACTIV.
Pack size: Starting at 90-110 x 63 x 62 cm
Possible drive wheel sizes: 20"
Grip widths: -
Crank lengths: -
Gear systems: -
Brakes: Disk brakes
Motors: Hub motor:
Triride | Max. 2000 W
Pushing aid/Starting aid: -
Rechargeable batteries: Triride LiMn 48 V | 10.5 Ah | 504 Wh | Range approx. 25 - 45 km | 3.3 kg
Double rechargeable battery: Possible; switch via change-over device on the bottom bracket support
Recuperation: 1 recuperation level, automatic activation of recuperation via cruise control when travelling downhill
Drive system speed: 6 km/h (Switzerland: 10 km/h), 15 km/h (individual permit required in Germany for operation in public areas and road traffic), 24 km/h (only permitted on private property in Germany)
Changes excepted. Details see order form. Individual dimensions on request.