NEW: LITTY 4you available with E-MOTION

The LITTY 4you children’s wheelchair can now be ordered prepared for installing the Alber E-MOTION handrim drive. As part of this preparation, the LITTY 4you is equipped with a reinforced axle with welded-on parts and inlets, as well as a torque support.

When ordering, please note that there are restrictions on the camber and drive wheel size for installing the E-MOTION:

  • The E-MOTION is only available for 22" and 24" drive wheels.
  • For a user weight of up to 40 kg, Alber has approved a maximum wheel camber of 9.5°.
  • For a user weight of more than 40 kg, Alber has approved wheel cambers of 6° and 8°.

This preparation for the installation of the E-MOTION can be selected directly on the order sheet when ordering a new wheelchair (Art. No.: A9042201200-K).

Litty4you-blau-e-motion-Gesamtansicht-image00033-be  Litty4you-blau-e-motion-Achse-image00036-be  
Litty4you-blau-e-motion-Achse-image00039-be  Litty4you-blau-e-motion-Radanbindung-20220119_130731-be