• The FULL-E – our answer to a full suspension bike with versatile configuration options for the many demanding routes, fast descents, trails, and fields that are stony or with lots of tree roots. Ready for any path, no matter what challenge or obstacles are waiting for you.

    The FULL-E is designed so that you can set the weighting from a Tourenfully to an Enduro through different suspension packages, resulting in versatile applications, depending on the equipment. It even comes with a flexible removable mudguard & luggage rack for the commute.

    Thanks to the strong and powerful Shimano EP8 drive system, combined with components tailored to the individual needs, a new type of mountain bike is waiting to be discovered, encouraging the driver to explore the terrain and enjoy the riding experience.

Powerful EP8 drive system from Shimano

With a torque of 85 Nm, this drive system offers extremely good power support and also makes steep climbs seem easy. The sensitive response gives the driver outstanding handling control and a natural-feeling ride. Even with all its power, the EP8 system is virtually silent and with a motor weight of just 2.6 kg, it’s a true lightweight. The clutch mechanism enables a more immediate driving experience and smooth shutdown if the user presses the pedals at speeds above 25 km/h.

The clear and high-contrast display offers extensive bike-computer functions and intuitive usability. The user can conveniently and safely select the desired support via remote control switches.

The compact rechargeable battery integrated in the frame enables a range of up to 100 km (with a capacity of 630 Wh) as well as extreme durability and good splash protection.

Safety thanks to the specially manufactured aluminium motor protection

We make the aluminium motor protection in house. It protects the engine even more effectively from damage from below caused by impact or stone impacts. In addition, the motor protection can be colour-coordinated as a design element.

Different chassis packages for different driver types

  • Tour (currently not yet available):
    Whether it's a sporty commute to the office, an evening ride out with friends and family on dirt paths or a long tour through the countryside with luggage – the fork and dampers, with spring travel of 140 mm / 150 mm, are perfect for those who don't want to miss out on demanding routes with a bike suitable for everyday use.
  • Trail:
    If you like things a bit more sporty and aggressive, then you’ll get your money's worth with the spring travel of 160 mm for forks and 150 mm for dampers. Cross-country tours or even steeper and rough trails are pure pleasure.
  • Enduro:
    Fast descents, jumps or blocked tracks. The Enduro suspension, with a spring travel of 180 mm for the fork and damper can handle this easily and offers something for all those who are always looking for new challenges.

Optimum selection of dérailleur gear systems for every driver

Do you value easy gear changes and reliability along with low-wear driving? Then allow us to present the Shimano Deore 1x10 dérailleur with new Linkglide Technology, which enables smooth, soft gear changes and pedal movement, even under load.

Or are you a driver who’ll take on every adventure? With the even higher quality Shimano XT 1x11 dérailleur and new Linkglide Technology, you have the right gear ratio for every situation. With its precise and reliable shifting, the XT 1x11 has proven itself particularly in fast-changing terrain and on demanding downhill runs.

Effective brakes

With the high-quality and powerful disk brake systems from Shimano, it’s easy to slow down rapidly on quick descents. In addition, an XT braking system with Ice Tech Technology is now available for the high-performance sector. Thanks to the improved heat dissipation, braking power losses are reduced during longer descents.

Luggage rack systems, developed and manufactured at PRO ACTIV in Dotternhausen

Are you still out and about offroad at night on the FULL-E, and then riding it to the office in the morning with your paperwork? Thanks to the removable luggage rack developed in-house, including mudguard with quick-release, the FULL-E is perfectly equipped for commuting or shopping in just one step.

High-quality attachment parts

The utilised handlebars and front ends from ergotec are specially designed for use on e-mountain bikes and are correspondingly assigned to the highest ergotec component standard (Safety Level 6) for safety and stability.

Different colour designs

We offer different colour schemes for individual designs.

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Pedal assistance: Up to 25 km/h
Motor: Shimano EP8 mid-mounted motor | 250 W | 85 Nm | Weight 2.6 kg
Rechargeable battery: Shimano STEPS BT-E8036 | 36 V | 17.5 Ah | 630 Wh | Weight: 3.7 kg
Chassis packages: Tour: Forks: Manitou Mattoc 140mm | damper: Manitou Mara Inline 150mm
Trail: Forks: Manitou Mezzer Expert 160mm | damper: Manitou Mara Inline 150mm
Enduro: Forks: Manitou Mezzer Pro 180mm | damper: Manitou Mara Pro TR 180mm
Running wheel sizes: 27.5'' | 29''
Frame height: 43 cm | 47 cm
Gear shift: Shimano dérailleur gear systems: Deore 1x10 Linkglide | XT 1x11 Linkglide
Brakes: Hydraulic Shimano disk brake systems 203 mm / 180 mm (Deore | XT | XT Ice-Tech)
Suspension: According to chassis packages
Ready-to-drive weight: Starting at 25.5 kg
Changes excepted. Details see order form. Individual dimensions on request.