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//  Transport restraint systems

When ordering a new wheelchair

For the following models, the transport restraint connection is done via a part welded onto the frame:
  • SPEEDY A1 & A2

For the following models, the transport restraint connection is done via a frame insert:
  • SPEEDY 4all & 4you
  • SPEEDY 4all & 4you Ergo
  • SPEEDY 4teen
  • TRAVELER 4all & 4you Ergo
This connection can be removed when not in use.
You can also order accessories for the transport restraint system, e.g. hip straps in various lengths. shoulder belts, retractors, headrest fixtures and padding. The headrest was also subjected to a crash test and passed without any issues.

The transport restraint system and the accessories can be ordered using the appropriate order form, which is available in the Download area. You will also find the prices here.

When retrofitting

On the SPEEDY A1, SPEEDY A2, TRAVELER and BUDDY models, the frame weld part can be retrofitted. For this purpose, the wheelchair must be sent to PRO ACTIV as it must be completely disassembled and decoated. After decoating the transport restraint connection is welded, and the wheelchair is re-coated and re-assembled with the existing components. The following is required for retrofitting:
  • Wheelchairs for adults: Body weight under 80 kg and wheelchair age under 2 years
  • Wheelchairs for children and young people: Body weight under 80 kg and wheelchair age under 3 years

On the SPEEDY 4all & 4you, SPEEDY 4all & 4you Ergo, SPEEDY 4teen and TRAVELER 4all & 4you Ergo models, the frame insert can be fitted. This can also be done by your local dealer. As no welding is necessary for this, there are no specifications regarding body weight and wheelchair age which need to be observed.

The retrofit items can be ordered using the mentioned order form available in the Download area. You can also see the prices here.

Crash test

Our products have been ISO 10542-tested in cooperation with an independent testing institute and using tested restraint systems. The following wheelchairs are approved for vehicle transportation:
The crash tests performed have shown that our wheelchairs meet the requirements of ISO 7176-19 properly. The tested wheelchairs were constructed in accordance with our current standard, i.e. all wheelchairs built from 2010 are approved in conjunction with a transport restraint system for vehicle transportation.

If you use a transport restraint system from another manufacturer, please see the manufacturer's documentation for installation guidelines and situation.
A crash test video can be seen at youtube.
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