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//  Single-hand operation and double handrim

PRO ACTIV offers a high-precision single-hand drive with double handrim developed in-house.


  • The single-hand drive enables impaired users to push their wheelchair with only one arm.
  • A cardan shaft connects the small inner handrim with the opposite wheel.
  • To go straight, both handrims are pushed together.
  • You can turn on the spot by alternately turning the handrims in opposite directions.

Special features

  • As standard, the drive wheels can be detached via floating axles, and the sides (left and right) can be exchanged.
  • Optimum power input thanks to accuracy of fit.
    • Minimum drive play allows for precise maneouvring.
  • High manoeuvrability as a result of up to 12° drive wheel camber.
  • Extremely durable drive.
  • Handrim positioning, sizes and types individually adjustable.
    • Handrims directly above each other (e.g. outer handrim far-mounted 24'', inner handrim tight-mounted 20''), for full finger function.
    • Handrims are in a 45° to each other (e.g. outer handrim far-mounted 24'', inner handrim tight-mounted 20''), also for reduced finger function.
  • Also perfect for sports activities such as basketball.

Mounting option

Can be attached to:
  • TRAVELER (up to 12° camber)
    • Important: The folding mechanism is still functioning, cardan shaft is removable!
  • SPEEDY A1 (up to 12° camber)
  • SPEEDY 4all (2° camber)
  • SPEEDY 4teen (2° camber)
  • SPEEDY F1 (up to 12° camber) in custom design
  • BUDDY (up to 12° camber)

Restrictions/ Suitability

  • Cannot be used with e-fix.
  • Cannot be used for: drum brake, stop-lock brake.
  • Possible only with 36-spoke wheels.
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