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//  SPEEDY 4basket

SPEEDY 4basket
With fifteen optional frame parameters, the SPEEDY 4basket wheelchair is the individualist in its class. Its special construction and austere design combine easy turning and good responsiveness, acceleration and a high running speed with a modern design. This sports device can be individually equipped to meet the requirements of both playing position and player.

SPEEDY 4basket Overlite: the complete seat unit is bent from one aluminium tube based on individual dimensions. This leads to enormous weight savings. There is no play in the rigid seating and back unit so the wheelchair responds to even the smallest movement.
Unbeatable handling characteristics
  • Perfect conversion of muscle power to motion thanks to the welded chassis with rigid axle.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability thanks to the extremely short caster forks.
  • Easy handling of demanding manoeuvres thanks to perfect fit and optimum weight distribution.

Light weight with sporty design
  • Total weight from 7.8 kg (very much dependent on equipment).

Very robust structure
  • Extremely robust thanks to the frame geometry and the use of top-quality oversized tubes with a diameter of 40 mm.

Great variety of ram bars
  • Depending on the user's playing position and individual requirements front and rear ram bars are available.

Foot panels as per request
  • Variety of foot panels for individual needs.

Basketball anti-tipping supports
  • Variety of anti-tipping supports for individual needs.
  • Height-adjustable twisting forks, also available with floating axle, can be operated from above.

Ergonomic back shell
  • Good hip and lower spine support.
  • Plenty of free moving space thanks to the lowered side areas.
  • Uncompromising rigid back system for fixed contact with the backrest.

ERGO Back backrest with customised surrounding bar
  • High backrest stability thanks to closed tube bend.
  • Optional with lordosis prominence for correct anatomic fit.

Aluminium seat plate
  • Maximum seat height possible, an advantage e.g. for centre players in basketball.
  • Rigid seat unit for direct contact with the sport device.
  • Can also be used as a base for adaptations of orthopaedically required sitting support.

Each SPEEDY is a custom wheelchair
Total weight from 7.8 kg
Max. load weight Standard up to 120 kg; above 120 kg upon request!
Number of optional frame parameters 15
Frame shape custom-made
Front frame angle custom-made
Adjustability of centre of gravity -
Possible rear wheel sizes 24″, 25″, 26″, 28″
Possible rear wheel camber 12°, 15°, 18°, 20°
Materials and manufacturing 
  • High-strength aluminium alloys for a very high degree of frame rigidity and low weight.
  • Resistant powder coating for an attractive design and scratch resistance.
  • Component groups are CNC-machined inhouse ensure the highest level of stability and accuracy of fit.
  • Precision brand bearings for wheelchair durability and reliability.
Dimensions Increments
Seat width custom-made 1 cm increments
Seat depth custom-made 1 cm increments
Back height custom-made 1 cm increments
Length of front frame custom-made 1 cm increments
Rear seat height custom-made 1 cm increments
Front seat height custom-made 1 cm increments
Centre of gravity custom-made 1 cm increments
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