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//  Manual and electrical LIFT

Manual lift
The LIFT is a revolution in both professional and everyday life: a continuous seat height adjustment instantly opens up new action areas. Flexible options in the most varied of professions and the possibility of using conventional furniture and kitchen furnishings make the LIFT an indispensable support tool. During the day, in the office, you can always get to the folders on the top shelf, and at night the LIFT helps you to enjoy a drink at the bar, at eye-level with your dialogue partner. As an employee and wheelchair user, you can be assigned flexibly to various different workstations or machines. Wall units and top shelves in the office or at home are accessible, making any conversion work unnecessary.

Manual LIFT: the desired work height is set by means of the user-friendly, manual and continuous adjustment of the seat height, with the help of gas pressure springs. With only little muscle power, the seat is lifted upwards by up to 30 cm.

Electrical LIFT: for limited arm or finger function, the same LIFT construction is also available with an electrical lift function. The user reaches the desired work height and new action areas at the push of a button.

It is also possible to upgrade the manual LIFT with an electrical seat height adjustment. In this way it is often possible to convert the wheelchair at low cost as the disability progresses.
Height-adjustable by 30 cm by means of low-maintenance lift design
  • Everyday necessities like opening a window or going shopping are an easy task.
  • You can talk to people on the same eye level.

Fold-down back rest with 7 adjustment options
  • Its tilt angle can be adjusted to 7 positions, without any tools.
  • Dynamic sitting prevents back problems.

Ergonomic back shell
  • Lordosis support can be individually adjusted via belt system.
  • Great free moving space.
  • Possible base for individual back systems.

ERGO Back backrest with customised surrounding bar with recessed gripping area
  • High backrest stability thanks to closed tube bend.
  • Optional with lordosis prominence for correct anatomic fit.
  • Low weight

Body Contour seat upholstery
  • Very breathable and light.
  • The suspension effect automatically provides for even pressure distribution.
  • Can support decubitus prophylaxis.

Transportation options
  • Simple disassembly of the wheelchair into easy-to-handle modules allows for transportation in the boot.
  • Depending on the wheelchair user's level of impairment the LIFT can be loaded independently into the car.

Adding on a drive.
  • Attaching an e-motion or e-fix drive by Ulrich Alber GmbH extend its range of uses.

Each LIFT is a custom wheelchair
Total weight from 19 kg (mech.) and from 35 kg (elec.)
Max. load weight Standard up to 120 kg; heavy duty up to 150 kg; above 150 kg upon request!
Number of optional frame parameters 7
Frame shape V shape, G shape
Front frame angle 105°
Adjustability of centre of gravity continuous
Possible rear wheel sizes 24″, 25″, 26″
Possible rear wheel camber
Wheelbase extension possible, fixed to the wheel chair (extended axle plates)
Materials and manufacturing 
  • High-strength aluminium alloys for a very high degree of frame rigidity and low weight.
  • Resistant powder coating for an attractive design and scratch resistance.
  • Component groups are CNC-machined inhouse and ensure the highest level of stability and accuracy of fit.
  • Precision brand bearings for wheelchair durability and reliability.
Dimensions Increments
Seat width 35 cm - 46 cm
(30 cm - 34 cm upon request)
1 cm increments
Seat depth 35 cm - 48 cm
(25 cm - 34 cm upon request)
1 cm increments
Back height 20 cm - 48 cm
(higher upon request)
1 cm increments
Length of front frame 30 cm - 50 cm 1 cm increments
Rear seat height 42 cm, 45 cm 1 cm increments
Front seat height 46, 48, 50, 52 cm
(5″ wheel)
1 cm increments
Centre of gravity 3 cm - 12 cm
(depending on frame size)
1 cm increments
Individual dimensions upon request.
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