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Thanks to its special design, the width of the BUDDY children's and young people's wheelchair can be adjusted so it grows with its user, making it a reliable companion for many years. Equipped with the simple seat height adjustment in 1 cm steps and the continuous adjustment of the centre of gravity, this wheelchair adjusts to the growing requirements of its user.

Thanks to its robust construction and low weight, the BUDDY makes an ideal companion for all sorts of adventures. This way children can discover the world on their own and there is nothing to prevent them from taking part in boisterous children's games. The BUDDY is available with extensive accessories and can thus be upgraded to suit any everyday life situation. Combined with various adaptations such as the FREEWAY steering attachment or the SPIKE adaptive bike, new action areas can be explored.

The seat width is adaptable
  • By adjustment of the cross tubes the seat width grows in 1 cm increments from 18 to 38 cm.
  • The increase by 4 cm is possible without exchanging any frame parts.
  • For a further extension in width a special adapter set is available.

Make your choice...
  • Seat height, seat tilt, centre of gravity, and wheelbase can be customised to the user's needs and abilities.
  • Progress in wheelchair handling is supported.
  • Enhances the child's independence and mobility.

Good handling characteristics
  • High torsion resistance thanks to rigid frame, thus minimised travel effort.
  • Excellent handling characteristics, also on uneven terrain.

Light weight
  • Total weight from 9.5 kg.
  • Consistent weight optimisation, e.g. thanks to the 1-slot axle plate.

Abduction frame
  • For optimum leg positioning.
  • Custom abduction dimensions are possible upon request.

Fold-down back rest with 7 adjustment options
  • Its tilt angle can be adjusted to 7 positions, without any tools.
  • Dynamic sitting prevents back problems.

Ergonomic back shell
  • Lordosis support can be individually adjusted via belt system.
  • Great free moving space.
  • Possible base for individual back systems.

ERGO Back backrest with customised surrounding bar with recessed gripping area
  • High backrest stability thanks to closed tube bend.
  • Optional with lordosis prominence for correct anatomic fit.
  • Low weight.

Body Contour seat upholstery
  • Very breathable and light.
  • The suspension effect automatically provides for even pressure distribution.
  • Can support decubitus prophylaxis.

Outdoor wheel attachment and push bar
  • Convert to an off-road wheelchair, controlled by an accompanying person.
  • Easy coupling.
  • After decoupling almost no extra weight on wheelchair.

Central single-hand push handle
  • Continuous height adjustability.
  • Low weight.
  • Good handling.

Back-positioned push handles
  • Customised handle positions and handle distances as well as customised distance of handles to the wheelchair is possible.
  • Continuous and large-range height adjustability.

BUDDY anti-tipping support
  • Can be folded up and down without the accompanying person having to bend down.
  • Height-adjustable (distance from floor).

Therapy table
  • Thanks to the continuous height, length and angle adjustability, the therapy table can be optimised for the child's needs.
  • Detachable without any tools.

Passed dynamic crash test in accordance with ISO 7176-19
  • Also with factory-provided transport restraint system.

Each BUDDY is a custom wheelchair
Total weight from 9.5 kg
Max. load weight Standard up to 100 kg; above 100 kg upon request!
Number of optional frame parameters 7
Frame shape G shape, abducted frame
Front frame angle 105°
Rear frame angle 95°
Adjustability of centre of gravity continuous
Possible rear wheel sizes 20″, 22″, 24″
Possible rear wheel camber 1°, 4°, 6°, 8°, 10°
Wheelbase extension possible, fixed to the wheel chair (extended axle plates)
Materials and manufacturing 
  • High-strength aluminium alloys for a very high degree of frame rigidity and low weight.
  • Resistant powder coating for an attractive design and scratch resistance.
  • Component groups are CNC-machined inhouse and ensure the highest level of stability and accuracy of fit.
  • Precision brand bearings for wheelchair durability and reliability.
Frame M Frame L Frame XL Increments
Seat width 24 cm - 38 cm 24 cm - 38 cm 24 cm - 38 cm 1 cm increments
Seat depth 22 cm - 36 cm 26 cm - 40 cm 31 cm - 43 cm 1 cm increments
Back height 20 cm - 45 cm 20 cm - 45 cm 20 cm - 48 cm 1 cm increments
Length of front frame 20 cm - 44 cm 20 cm - 50 cm 20 cm - 52 cm 1 cm increments
Rear seat height 33,5 cm - 39,5 cm
(22″ wheel)
36 cm - 45 cm
(24″ wheel)
36 cm - 45 cm
(24″ wheel)
1 cm increments
Front seat height 40 cm - 47 cm
(5″ wheel)
40 cm - 50 cm
(5″ wheel)
40 cm - 50 cm
(5″ wheel)
1 cm increments
Centre of gravity 5 cm - 10 cm 5 cm - 10 cm 5 cm - 10 cm 1 cm increments
Individual dimensions upon request.
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