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//  TRAVELER 4all »Ergo«

TRAVELER 4all »Ergo«
The active folding wheelchair TRAVELER 4all in the Ergo series offers you maximum mobility. The small packing size from 17 x 35 x 58 cm means that the wheelchair can be carried in a sports bag. Thanks to the minimised frame geometry with narrow side section, the simple folding of the backrest and the fact that component assemblies can be removed without tools, the TRAVELER 4all «Ergo» wheelchair is ideal for independent loading.

With its extremely torsion-resistant and reliable folding mechanism the TRAVELER combines the driving characteristics of a rigid frame wheelchair with the advantages of a folding wheelchair. When folded, the seat width can be reduced by approximately 15 % (around 5-10 cm).

Due to the high frame stability, nothing stands in the way of adapting an adaptive bike or traction device. The 7-step adjustable backrest offers flexibility for both the seating position and the adaptation of the backrest angle when driving with an adaptive bike or traction device.

The TRAVELER 4all «Ergo» stands out with its sophisticated frame geometry with an ergonomic seat fold. It produces a stable seat position with the automatic seat angle of 3 cm and the «Tuber stop».

With the TRAVELER 4all «Ergo». 7 frame parameters can be freely selected. With the integrated centre of gravity and seat height adjustment in 1 cm steps as well as its adjustable folding mechanism, the TRAVELER 4all «Ergo» can be flexibly adjusted to meet the requirements of the user.

The elegant integral parking brake (optional) is easy to operate. When the brake is off, it is swivelled completely underneath the frame so that more space is created for finger and hand movement.
Ergonomic frame with individual design options
  • 7 frame parameters can be freely selected.
  • Sophisticated frame geometry with ergonomic seat fold.
  • Stable seat position with automatic seat angle of 3 cm and «Tuber stop».

TRAVELER folding mechanism for high stability and torsional rigidity
  • Functions using S-braces which fold forwards horizontally.
  • Drive characteristics are almost the same as a rigid frame due to the locking properties of the folding mechanism.

Smallest packing size from 17 x 35 x 58 cm and loading weight from 7 kg
  • Independent loading and unloading of the wheelchair for car transport provides independence.
  • Can be transported on an aeroplane as hand luggage.

All loading options
  • Folded up with backrest folded.
  • As a rigid frame wheelchair with backrest folded and drive wheels removed or left on the wheelchair.
  • As hand luggage in a sports bag: folded, steering wheel, drive wheels, foot rest removed, backrest folded.
  • Usable with many car loading systems.

Generous adjustment options
  • The integrated centre of gravity and seat height adjustment in 1 cm steps as well as the adjustable folding mechanism offers flexibility in adjusting to meet the requirements of the user.

Passing through narrow gaps by folding up
  • The independent folding inwards of the wheelchair while still sitting in it can reduce the seat width by about 15 % (approx. 5-10 cm).
  • This 15 % can be decisive in narrow gaps!

Integrated parking brake (optional)
  • Elegant, space-saving and user-friendly.

7-step adjustable and foldable backrest
  • Its angle can be adjusted in 7 positions without tools.
  • Flexibility for both the seat position and adaptation of the backrest angle when driving with an adaptive bike or traction device.

Back transverse bow to stabilise the backrest
  • Back transverse bow folds up, too.
  • Sidewards impacts are absorbed by the back transverse bow and not transmitted to the driver's spine.
  • The setting of the standard adjustable back to the back contour is retained - the back tubes remain parallel.

Ergonomic back shell (optional)
  • Still foldable! The back shell can be removed via a quick-release system.
  • Lumbar support can be individually adjusted using the belt system.
  • Very good freedom of movement.
Device register position number
Total weight from 10,5 kg
Max. load weight Standard up to 120 kg; no heavy-duty version
Pack size from 17 x 35 x 58 cm
Number of optional frame parameters 7
Frame shape G-shape, V-shape
Front frame angle 105°, 95°
Adjustability of centre of gravity in 1 cm steps
Possible rear wheel sizes 24″, 25″, 26″
Possible rear wheel camber 1°, 4°, 6°
Wheelbase extension Removable wheelbase extension
Materials and manufacturing 
  • High-strength aluminium alloy for very high frame rigidity with low weight.
  • Resistant powder coating for an attractive design and scratch resistance.
  • Component assemblies machined in-house on our own CNC machine for very high stability and fit accuracy.
  • Precision brand ball bearings for long service life and reliability of the wheelchair.
Short frame Long frame Increments
Seat width 33 cm - 52 cm 33 cm - 52 cm 1 cm steps
Seat depth 36 cm - 43 cm 40 cm - 48 cm 1 cm steps
Back height 20 cm - 48 cm 20 cm - 48 cm 1 cm steps
Length of front frame 37 cm - 51 cm 37 cm - 51 cm 1 cm steps
Rear seat height 39 cm - 45 cm 39 cm - 45 cm 1 cm steps
Front seat height 44 cm - 52 cm 44 cm - 52 cm 1 cm steps
Centre of gravity 3 cm - 11 cm 3 cm - 11 cm 1 cm steps
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