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//  Our brand - Mobility made simple!

We have taken on the responsibility to make your everyday mobility as easy as possible for you, with the help of our know-how, our products, and our customer service! Our brand promise to you is proof that we take this responsibility very seriously.

We stand for top-quality, durable products.

Our aim is to develop and produce products of first-class quality to guarantee maximum mobility in your everyday life. Achieving this aim is the daily challenge of each of our employees at PRO ACTIV.

Our highly-qualified designers collaborate closely with therapists, specialist dealers and wheelchair users to develop customer-oriented solutions and provide you with maximum mobility.

PRO ACTIV has its own in-house automated CNC production facility, equipped with state-of-the-art processing centres. This is where our qualified technicians use top-quality and durable materials to produce high-precision components every day.

Our motivated and well-trained assemblers always focus on our clients' mobility and ensure precise chassis adjustments.

Tests and audits
PRO ACTIV has its own test facilities, such as a test station for up to 40 km/hr. All finished wheelchairs and bikes undergo function testing and strict quality controls before they leave the plant. Apart from that, our quality assurance system is regularly audited in accordance with DIN 9001 and DIN 13485.

Top-quality purchased parts
Due to our collaboration with reputable suppliers we can also guarantee that our purchased parts are top quality.

Based on these high quality demands we stand out from the crowd. You will feel and see the difference. Our products will not let you down!

We stand for customer focus and individuality.

Our aim is to find the perfect individual solution for each customer through customer-oriented service.

Customer service
We want to discuss your individual requirements for your wheelchair or handbike with you to optimise the product for your specific needs.

High manufacturing penetration
To meet the requirements of a customer-specific product, PRO ACTIV has a very high manufacturing penetration of 70%. Almost all parts of our products are manufactured in our own facility. This is why we are able to implement your special needs in every detail.

We stand for innovation.

The progress we make in developing our products increases your everyday mobility. This is why we constantly aim at creating innovations that support you in your everyday life, job and free time and give you maximum mobility.

A number of patents demonstrate PRO ACTIV's innovative power.

We stand for excellent customer service and individual support.

Our outstanding customer service is further proof of how important your mobility is to us.

Customer service
Should you have any questions or concerns, our customer support team will also be pleased to assist you during our opening hours.
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