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//  FREEWAY steering attachment- a lot easier!

Freeway with Speedy 4all
The FREEWAY makes your wheelchair an all-terrain vehicle. In just a few steps the amazingly light FREEWAY is coupled to your wheelchair, and off you go: whether you're on forest paths, cobblestones, snow or sand, the FREEWAY makes travelling easy! The wheelchair is still pushed forward as usual via the handrims, the caster wheels are slightly above the ground. And everyone who has tried it before can confirm: a 20'' wheel handles obstacles significantly more easily than a 4'', 5'' or 6'' wheel. The FREEWAY thus provides an entirely new freedom of movement!
Even on hilly routes the FREEWAY has tremendous benefits. Uphill it is an enormous relief for the accompanying person pushing the wheelchair for support, downhill the vehicle moves by itself. The user steers and brakes using the FREEWAY.
The steering damper keeps the device on a straight track, even when there is no hand on the handle bar.
Curves can easily be managed via the steering system, and not as normally through braking and pushing motions on the handrims, which always lead to a loss of momentum. Those who already have a PRO ACTIV adaptive bike can couple the FREEWAY to the wheelchair via the frame adapter already in place.

Easy steering
  • High directional stability of the steering attachment thanks to steering geometry and steering damper. When driven via handrims the FREEWAY always tends to go straight.
  • Even if the track slopes sideways, the FREEWAY always tends to go straight.

The swing is used during changes in direction
  • Changes in direction/ curves are handled via the steering system with any loss.

Handle bar version 1: standard handle bar with horizontal positional displacement to the rear and front 120 mm in length and in a 40° angle
  • Horizontal adaptation of the handle bar to the user's needs.
  • Fixed position, cannot be readjusted.
  • Colour: silver.

Handle bar version 2: standard handle bar with horizontal positional displacement to the rear and front 110 mm in length and in a 0° to 60° angle
  • Horizontal and vertical adaptation of the handle bar to the user's needs.
  • Adjustable.
  • Colour: black.

Handle bar version 3: BMX handle bar with 20 cm displacement
  • Horizontal and vertical adaptation of the handle bar to the user's needs.
  • For upright, back-positioned sitting.
  • Can be combined with handle bar positional displacement.
  • Colour: black.

Choice of quick-snap frame adapter or front adapter
  • Frame adapter: mount to axle or cross tube (rigid frame) under the seat or to folding mechanism (folding frame).
  • Front adapter: mount to front frame tubes. Adjustable for various tube diameters.
  • Detachable from the wheelchair in just a few steps.
  • After decoupling almost no extra weight on wheelchair and no functional restriction to the wheelchair (e.g. folding mechanism).
  • One adapter for all PRO ACTIV adaptive bikes, tractors and attachments.

Braking without getting hot hands
  • The top-quality Shimano V-Brake service brake allows for comfortable braking downhill without getting hot hands on the handrim.
  • The braking force can be applied in stages perfectly.

Light weight starting at 2.7 kg, and small pack size starting at 93 x 62 x 50.8 cm
  • Low travel effort.
  • Easy loading and transportation.
Total weight from 2.7 kg
Central adapter weight from 2.8 kg for rigid-frame wheelchairs; from 3.6 kg for folding-frame wheelchairs
Front adapter weight from 3.6 kg
Max. load weight Standard up to 120 kg user load capacity; above 120 kg upon request!
Pack size, wheel attached 93 x 62 x 50.8 cm
Pack size, wheel removed 68 x 62 x 12 cm
Possible wheel sizes 20″
Materials and manufacturing 
  • High-strength aluminium alloys for a very high degree of frame rigidity and low weight.
  • Resistant powder coating for an attractive design and scratch resistance.
  • Component groups are CNC-machined inhouse and ensure the highest level of stability and accuracy of fit.
  • Precision brand bearings for durability and reliability of the steering attachment.
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