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//  SPIKE adaptive bike - Simple and compact!

Spike adaptive bike (Inter 8)
The SPIKE adaptive bike is mainly used by children and teenagers but also by adults who like a simple and compact bike. SPIKE adaptive bikes allow you to move independently and increase your physical fitness.

Its weight of 7.3 kg makes it a particularly light adaptive bike. Due to the large selection of hub gears, optimum adaptation is possible for any age. The length adjustability of the bottom bracket support and the angle and length adjustability of the removable frame adapter (optional) allow for continuous easy adaptation to the user's requirements and possibilities.

Since the SPIKE is very compact and simple, it has a very small turning radius and does not require a lot of space, which makes it ideal for e.g. narrow alleys or public transport. The SPIKE is therefore perfect for your journey to work or school and for city tours.
Light weight starting at 7.3 kg, and pack size starting at 98 x 43 x 50.8 cm
  • Low travel effort.
  • Easy loading and transportation.

Choice of central adapter or front adapter
  • Central adapter: mount to axle or cross tube (rigid frame) under the seat or to folding mechanism (folding frame).
  • Front adapter: mount to front frame tubes. Adjustable for various tube diameters.
  • Detachable from the wheelchair in just a few steps.
  • After decoupling almost no extra weight on wheelchair and no functional restriction to the wheelchair (e.g. folding mechanism).
  • One adapter for all PRO ACTIV adaptive bikes, tractors and attachments.

Adaptation function/optimum adjustment to the user's requirements and abilities
  • The adjustment options for bottom bracket support and adapter allow for customisation at all times.

Stand (optional) can be folded while travelling, saving space
  • Easy coupling and decoupling, as the handbike is positioned in the required adaptation height.
  • When decoupled the handbike is in a stable position.

Selection of various gear shift systems
  • Hub gears: Shimano Nexus Inter 3 (3 gears), Shimano Nexus Inter 7 (7 gears), Shimano Nexus Inter 8 (8 gears), Shimano Alfine 11 gears.
  • More components upon request.

Effective brakes
  • Shimano V-Brake rim brake.
  • Back-pedalling brake.

Extensive tetra equipment
  • Flip or chin gear shift, back-pedalling brake for hub gears and derailleurs, crank freewheel, tetra shell handles, tetra grip forks and much more.

Large selection of accessories
Total weight from 7.3 kg
Central adapter weight from 2.8 kg for rigid-frame wheelchairs; from 3.6 kg for folding-frame wheelchairs
Front adapter weight from 3.6 kg
Max. load weight Standard up to 75 kg trailing load and 5 kg user load capacity; above 75 kg upon request!
Pack size from 98 x 43 x 50.8 cm
Possible drive wheel sizes 20″
Grip sizes 40 cm, 45 cm; other grip sizes upon request.
Crank lengths 135 mm, 155 mm, 175 mm, custom-made
Materials and manufacturing 
  • High-strength aluminium alloys for a very high degree of frame rigidity and low weight.
  • Resistant powder coating and anodised surfaces for an attractive design and scratch resistance.
  • Component groups are CNC-machined inhouse and ensure the highest level of stability and accuracy of fit.
  • Precision brand bearings for handbike durability and reliability.
  • As a result of the high manufacturing depth individual customer requests can be dealt with.
  • Custom-made models are possible upon request.
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